The focus is helping our customers plan, refine and deploy their initiatives for automation and integration. In our projects are used reliable tools and products developed by world-leading companies.

As the processes become more advanced, customers prefer to use flexible and extensible way of think.

Through consistent care and ensuring the functionality of the projects, the following desired advantages are attained:

  • Expandable project architecture;
  • High operational reliability of the project;
  • Reduction of production or process downtimes;
  • Extended service life of machines, systems and processes;
  • Rapid overview of error sources;
  • Cost optimisation of procurement and repairs;
  • Personnel with project knowledge;
  • Spare or replace parts supply.

Solutions and Services

We provide the following list of services and solutions to increase productivity and improve performance of our customers business:

  • Custom Software Applications services;
  • PLC programming services;
  • Operator Panels solutions;
  • Machine Vision solutions;
  • Reporting and visualisation (Applications and SCADA);
  • Process Automation solutions for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC);
  • Industrial Pumping solutions;
  • Digitisation of drawings;
  • Energy and water consumption monitoring and analysis systems;
  • Existing automation systems maintenance, modernisation and expansion;
  • Building automation solutions (KNX, DALI etc);
  • Customer’s staff training courses;
  • After Development support;
  • Project management;
  • Consulting services.